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Hannah Lewis
13 April 2011 @ 07:44 pm
 I'm off again, only until Friday this time. I'll be away from the internet, taking some time to chill, read, write and draw. I feel like I'm tour. Impromptu trips, awesome. See you soon. 
Hannah Lewis
22 February 2010 @ 04:52 pm

So what is Lockerz?

Lockerz.com is a brand new site that rewards you for just about everything you do. Registration is very easy and members can earn points extremely quickly. One of the main reasons why its popularity is spreading so rapidly is because it’s very easy to earn enough points to redeem a variety of merchandise. This includes MacBooks, Designer Handbags, Video Games, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and much more.

How it works

You can earn points in 3 ways (they call them ptz):

1. Logging in each day - 2 ptz

2. Answering the question of the day - 2 ptz

3. Referring new members - 2 ptz

More and more ways are becoming avaliable.

Is Lockerz.com a legitimate website?

As a testament to the legitimacy of Lockerz.com, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at Amazon.com and the CMO at American Eagle. Lockerz.com major financial contributors is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner, which is the firm that supports Bodybuilding.com and QVC.

If you want an invite, comment with your email. Comments are screened.
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Hannah Lewis
31 January 2010 @ 03:07 am

I know Clare / pixie_socks / @jiggly_tuna has already mentioned this and most of you are her friends but a few aren't and I just want to make sure everyone I know is warned. I'm showing this to all twitter friends people and all mutual friends of Clare and myself just to cover all grounds. I'd appreciate it if you read it, just so you know.

Please read this.

A while back I mentioned something about a girl repeatedly trying to add me and Clare on facebook but for those who don't know, i'll explain first. This began in the summer sometime, before I started uni. I accepted, not really thinking about it. I thought she was someone from twitter who I spoke to but couldn't remember her real name (having a username on twitter), she also had something about Wicked on her profile so I just assumed. Once added she added personal photos of when Clare and I were at the Wicked stage door and tagged us in them. She got those photos from Twitter. I told her to take them off, not wanting the photos on facebook that I didn't uploaded myself. I soon realised she was a little strange and I didn't know her so de friended her. She had added Clare as well but she didn't accept. She kept on trying to add us until Clare sent her a message telling her to stop. She then carried on but less frequently, just waiting a while before she tried again. On two occasions I got messages from her begging to be added as a friend, once in October and again in November. We sent multiple messages to her asking her to stop and saying we don't add people we don't know on facebook. Only after threatening to report her in late December did she finally stop completely, she sent back a message this time saying 'listen I'm sorry' and then another saying 'I don't blame you I'm beyond stupid'. On the same day I had sent her the message threatening to report her I updated my status saying how much this girl was annoying me. She could see this at the time, as it was public (I didn't know this). Clare replied to this post and I told her on there what she had replied to me in the message saying I didn't know what she meant by 'I don't blame you'. I then got another message saying 'when I said 'i don't blame you' I meant you probably hate me and want to kill me'. Meaning even after telling her to leave us alone she was still visting our profiles after. We both re set our facebook profiles to totally private, before I think you could see my status and things like that. I thought it was all private but I was wrong. So now she can only see my profile picture.
So she stopped adding us but a little while later she added the same stage door photo she had done before and tagged the actress we were with in it, actress being Kerry Ellis. Kerry has a fake facebook profile, I added thinking it was a fansite (turns out it is someone posing as her, but I kept it because it's funny, but anyway). And she tagged Kerry in it, so it came up on my profile. I told her to take it down, she did with no reply to the message.

Then yesterday she added one a mutual friend of Clare and I on Facebook, Sam.

I don't know how she got her profile, I think this girl is on twitter seeing as she got photos from there. Maybe it was linked that way, but I don't think she can see Clares or my friends page on Facebook. I know that both Clare and I have @replied Sam over twitter so she can be seen that way. Clever Sam was suspicious at the request and contacted me asking the name of the girl, as I had told her about her before.  It was definately her that tried to add her, I even asked about the profile picture and it is defiantely the same girl. I seriously don't know how she found her. I suspect twitter. Sam is not related to musical theatre side of things in any way, so she wouldn't have been found that way, she's a friend of both Clare and I outside of Twitter.
So I just wanted to give a heads up and explain whats going on to you all on twitter and mutual friends of Clare and I.

Her name is 'Laura Morris' and her profile picture is a girl point to the T shirt she is wearing with Harry Potter on it. If she adds you please block her straight away. It just seems she is doing anything she can to...I don't know what, we're not going to add her. But yeah, please leave well alone. She added us multiple times as well so be aware of that. Also if she does at any time contact anyone could you please let me know. I'm just going to note it all down now because it's getting, well it's got weird, and it's getting ridiculous and a little scary. I'm just covering all grounds by telling everyone, so you all know whats going on.

Thank you.

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Hannah Lewis
01 March 2008 @ 12:58 pm

For creative work

Please comment before adding. If we have similar interests or have met before then feel free to get in touch.


Name: Hannah
DOB: 16/11/1989
Place: England
Occupation: bum/university student
Status: straight/single

she likes;
musical theatre, art, big cities, reading, air, films, music, youtube, traveling, flowers, dancing, walking, animals, happiness, summer, strawberries, love, chocolate, her friends, clubs, positivity, twitter

HAIR, Wicked, Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, RENT, Jersey Boys, Avenue Q, In the Heights, American Idiot, We Will Rock You, The 39 Steps, Billy Elliot, Sister Act

TV shows; 
Glee, Doctor Who, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Supernatural, Friends, Will and Grace, The Inbetweeners, Eastenders

Sasha Allen, Gemma Arterton, Sara Bareilles, Shoshana Bean, Susan Blackwell, Emily Blunt, Steel Burkhardt, Allison Case, Gavin Creel, Kerry Ellis, Sarah Earnshaw, Ashleigh Gray, Lucy Griffiths, Jonathon Groff, Allison Guinn, Anthony Hollock, Lauren James, Crystal Joy, Andrew Kober, Caissie Levy, Harry Lloyd, Jayma Mays, Megan Lawrence, Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Lucy Newton, Darius Nichols, Dianne Pilkinton, Michael James Scott, Hannah Shankman, Maya Sharpe, Kacie Sheik, Will Swenson, Oliver Tompsett, George Ure.


Location: Home
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