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mystic crystal revelations and the minds true liberation

Hannah Lewis
16 November 1989
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Art Geek.Theatre Nerd.Big Dreams.Little Legs.
I believe in Love.☮.

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[title of show], alice in wonderland, alien movies, allison case, amy sol, antlers, art, ashleigh gray, autographs, beads, broadway, bubbles, caissie levy, cheesecake, chicago, chocolate, cocktails, coffee, colourful nails, concerts, dancing, daniel boys, david tennant, desperate housewives, dianna agron, dianne pilkington, disney, doctor who, dogs, drawing, dreaming, earrings, ebay, elizabeth mitchell, emily blunt, equality, evangeline lilly, fairy lights, fantasy, fashion, film, florence and the machine, flowers, for good, freedom, friends, gavin creel, gay men, gemma arterton, george ure, glee, hair, hair the musical, hannah shankman, happiness, harry potter, heidi blickenstaff, hippies, holding hands, horse riding, horses, idina menzel, illustration, ink, inside jokes, jayma mays, john barrowman, john green, josh holloway, journals, kacie sheik, katie fucking fitch, keep-calm-and-carry-on, kerry ellis, kristin chenoweth, lady gaga, laughter, lauren james, lea michele, legends, let the sun shine, london, london cafes, lost, love, lucy griffiths, makeup, maps, marina and the diamonds, matthew fox, megan hilty, megan reinking, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical theatre, new york city, next to normal, oliver thornton, oliver tompsett, our eyes are open, pancakes, paper bags, paperclips, paris, passion, peace, photography, pictures, piercings, queen, reading, rent, robin hood, sasha allen, shopping, singing, sketchbooks, skins, snow, splashes, spring awakening, stage doors, steel burkhardt, sun, susan blackwell, tattoos, tea, teapots, the 60s, the 90's, the inbetweeners, the little mermaid, theatre, tina fey, toast, torchwood, travel, twilight, watercolour, west end, wicked, will swenson, woods, writing